Why I’m Running…

Nearly 15 years ago, my family and I decided to make Howard County our home.  Like many residents, we wanted our children to benefit from the County’s excellent schools and welcoming community. We currently live in the Columbia village of River Hill where I manage two computer/technology businesses and devote my “free” time to volunteering for youth programs.

I’ve been committed to our schools since I first volunteered to help design and build a new playground for my sons’ preschool.  As a volunteer and as a parent, I have engaged in school technology issues, including teaching a technology class for elementary school students in the area. I’m also committed to our county.  In addition to coaching wrestling for youth from across the county, I regularly attend Board of Education meetings to get a better picture of what works and what is most needed.

I’m committed to civil discourse and engagement because I firmly believe that active listening and strong dialogue is very much needed at this time.  If elected, I will ask hard questions and confront tough issues with civility and respect. I am committed to public service, and I want to serve my community as a Board of Education member.

There are several goals that I would like to achieve as a community advocate and member of the Board of Education.  I would specifically like to encourage:

(1) an end to the current approach to redistricting;

(2) a transparent, collaborative planning and budget processes;

(3) consideration of novel cost containment strategies;

(4) a critical review of operational practices regarding special education; and

(5) an updated plan to optimize facilities investments.

In the coming years, our county faces several major challenges in terms sustainable financing, equity, and community engagement. We are at an important turning point and we need leaders who will make wise choices about the future of our county’s schools.

I am a thoughtful and balanced leader who will work hard to guarantee world-class schools for all Howard County students.  My community service, professional expertise, and passion will serve me well as I work with community members to find better ways to engage and empower our youth for a brighter future.

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