Last month, Liz Walsh pre-filed CB1-2020, which proposes a change to the current Howard County Code. Specifically, this bill would increase the number of consecutive years that a residential project or phase of a residential project must be retested if a project fails one or more components of the Adequate Public Facilities Act of Howard County school capacity test.

            Matt Levine completely opposes CB1-2020. Howard County is currently in the midst of having a social agenda foisted upon it by outside political groups. Like the controversial and unconstitutional redistricting plan that the Howard County Board of Education passed this year, this supposed “compromise” bill fails to address the overcrowding issues that our school system faces because of over development in school zones that are already at or beyond capacity. Rather, the bill advances the agenda of certain special interest groups and developers who are already profiting from it. 

            Enough is enough. The County Council and developers have bullied Howard County residents for too long. Howard County is one of the most developed counties in the United States, and there is no reason why the County government can address these issues overcrowding in a more competent way. Rather than push a bill that prioritizes special interest groups and developers, the County should enact a bill that actually helps its students and teachers by ensuring that no new development is opened in school zones that are already at or over capacity.